Joie de vivre

La Serenissima

I closed my eyes and there I was…I blink once. I blink twice. But could this be true or is it just an illusion created by my solitary mind? There I was with you…we’re sitting gazing at the captivating view; watching the sunset on the mountaintop. The sun starts extinguishing its fiery fire in the cool placid sea. And then, night fell accompanied by the big blue moon and millions of twinkling stars.

You grab my hand and together we jump into the vast blue sea. We land on the sea and glide gracefully across it like skaters. I hear music playing…la serenissima…ay, mi amore, how soft they are to my ears! We begin dancing. Twists and turns, here and there. I feel myself in a crystal ball slowly rotating around the bright moon, the shining stars and the shimmering water. I am lost in reverie. Am I dreaming or am I not?

I close my eyes, and there we were…sitting on a gondola and slowly drifting across the river, which was glittering from the reflection of the star-laden sky. The grand gondola cuts through the river spreading an unusual glow from it. I feel a sort of peacefulness conquering me. Oh, what a divine feeling!

I look down at the soft waters and cut its silence by my hands. Then I see a strange color floating on the surface. I look up but to see bright lilac fireflies that looked like fairies. They were dancing in the sky and sprinkling the night with magic, which made it all the more mystical.

I look to the right, and there you were. Lay your sleeping head, mi amore, for the night is young and charming, just like you will always be…

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