Joie de vivre

A Self-Portrait Through Pictures

We are often confronted with the question: “So, tell me about yourself”. And surprisingly, we remain silent and wonder… who are we?

Being an aficionado of the arts, I always like to describe my words in allegories or pictures. So, to answer that puzzling question: “Who are you?” I will let these pictures tell you more about who I really am.

Like they say: a picture is worth a thousand words.

The child in me that is searching for love…

I am hard to get.

I like to look at things from different perspectives.

Some people say I’m sweet 🙂

Like the sea, I am deep, mysterious, and very calm…

I have an eye for detail; I’m a woman after all!

I feel that sometimes, people take control of me; like a puppet…

I believe we are each made of mind, body and spirit.

However much you speak with me, you will never know who I really am…

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  1. this is my favourite collection !

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