Joie de vivre

A Virgin’s Confessions on Love

Deep in the labyrinths of her heart…
Once a little girl, brought up in the best of etiquette. Left the playground to delight her parent’s guests.
Once a teenager, quietened her rebellious curiosities in hopes of getting society’s invisible approval.
Once a young woman, sacrificed her passions to become the doll they aspire her to be.
Year after year, one petal after another falling off the rose that she once was…
Passion dwindling, parties everlasting, trivialties circling round and round, society on the jury table judging every step.

What is the purpose of life if I cannot live to be the one I’m born to be?

An immaculate doll, the main character of this story.

Starring in the infamous play called: LIFE.

A society where women are casts in their grand displays.

Watched and criticized by all, yet they forget their own follies.

Shattered by society’s piercing critiques.

Yearning for tenderness…

Why did you leave me in the forest all alone?

Fuelling by madness, my eternal search for: Amore.

Tell me I’m not the only one who’s mad.
Mad for believing in you,
Hold me tight,
And tell me, it’s going to be alright…

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  1. my favourite pics are one and two

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