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Curiosity, deeply embedded in each of us, leaving our noses leading us in most directions these days to enrich our inquisitive sides… so I ask myself if I smell a curious cat… and indeed I do! a picture might be worth a 1,000 words, but words themselves conjure up more thoughts that lead to images, and these images will give you an idea about the web mistress; being me, I love defying the conventional; so you ain’t gonna find anything concerning a lil biography about me but rather: a list…. What list, you ask and scratch your heads in wonder… a list of “100 things about me”. That will spark up the mystery of all the special spices that make up….well… Me! Welcome to my humble abode…. Cheers!

Sara D’amore

1. My name means “princess”
2. I speak six languages; some fluently and some I’m familiar with
3. My baby features often deceive people
4. I always wanted to be a librarian or own a bookstore + cafe
5. I’m really shy. . .
6. I am damn good at whatever job I do
7. I read constantly
8. I love to laugh
9. I can’t sit still
10. When I was young, I used to always wander off alone. . . still do. . .
11. I keep a lot of secrets about me
12. I don’t lie
13. I have an adventurous spirit
14. I love watching the Discovery Channel & Lonely Planet
15. I live close to Burj Al Arab; the only 7-star hotel in the world
16. Sometimes people mistaken my playfulness as immaturity
17. I’m hypochondriac, I think?
18. I think the way Sidney Sheldon writes is sexy
19. I always carry a book with me and write whatever inspires me in it
20. I’m a published poet
21. I’m a sensuist; a person who revels in life’s experiences through her senses
22. I hate apathetic people
23. My dream job is to be a novelist and a photojournalist
24. I want to visit the Himalayas someday
25. I love the smell of peaches
26. I am famous for my cheesecake
27. Getting stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a raft and watching the stars is one of my secret fantasies
28. I have a karate belt
29. I visit a secret spot at the beach that people don’t know about; I reflect on my life there
30. I love black pearls; I think they’re more romantic than diamonds
31. I want to run an orphanage
32. Sadness. . . inspires me
33. I have marketable ideas
34. I want to live in Venice
35. I’ve been a writer for nearly 20 years
36. I was born in May 1983 in the United Arab Emirates
37. I rarely eat out
38. I get a lot of deja vu’s
39. I know how to get what I want
40. I love being surrounded by children
41. I have ideas for paintings that could be highly acclaimed but… I can’t paint
42. Picasso would have loved to paint me
43. I love it when a man recites poetry
44. I hate people who whine all the time
45. I have curious eyes
46. Sometimes I feel lonely in a crowd
47. The most inspiring timings for me are the few hours before dawn
48. I believe in God, I am a Muslim
49. People who shove religion down your throat annoy me
50. I’m not perfect
51. I’m the most extroverted introvert
52. If I become a novelist, I will die happy
53. I love music boxes
54. I can be a bit of a perfectionist
55. One of my philosophies in life is “life-long learning”
56. I don’t like social masks
57. I get bored very easily
58. I think Michael Moore is hilarious
59. I love BMWs
60. I can play the piano
61. Sometimes I talk to myself. . . in Spanish
62. I value solitude
63. I am a fan of Harry Potter
64. I love accessories
65. I love visiting old markets
66. I don’t follow fads; I have my own independent style
67. I don’t trust anyone completely
68. If I had my own company, I would rather pay people enough to live than take most of the money for myself
69. However much you talk to me, you’ll never know who I really am
70. I am very modest
71. Sometimes I get into fits of madness
72. I believe silence can scream
73. I love swings
74. I once played soccer with a celebrity and his two little boys!
75. I love my online friends
76. Sometimes I give my fav clothes to charity because I believe other people should also enjoy life
77. I used to be obsessed with video games: SIMtower, SIMcity, SIMfarm, THEME park, THEME hospital, Command and Overwatch that I play using a boosting site at
78. I think about my mistakes
79. I love eyeliners
80. I’ve written a novel
81. I enjoy Cluedo
82. I don’t like being tickled
83. I don’t like to answer the phone
84. I have been sheltered all my life. The “real world” has finally hit me
85. I have a passion for creativity
86. I love window shopping
87. I love misty rains
88. I’m afraid that I feel things more intensely than others
89. I enjoy cooking
90. I love being pampered
91. I want to leave a “footprint” in this life before I die
92. I am a chocoholic
93. I am a morning person
94. I’d rather see people happy than to have my needs met
95. I love my Papa so much. I miss him
96. I like a good cry
97. I believe passion is essential in life
98. I believe in love
99. I love amore
100. I believe that love is the most beautiful thing a human being can experience…

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  1. I think I should do this, 🙂
    Very inspirational!
    Starting to like what m reading here ^^


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