Joie de vivre

Amore’s Beach Blues

The oceanic waves serenade me with its sedative splashes along the shores. I sit here, reflecting on its pristine beauty… the azure skies, the soft sands, the ocean blues. The tranquility soothes me into reverie and I start reflecting…

I gaze at the ocean and I see its bountifulness. The pearls, coral reefs, underwater splendor, adventures, and peacefulness put me in a speechless trance. It’s a form of meditation; to ponder about what’s around you. Everything speaks of you: God. I am wordless.

I gaze at the ocean and I see love; and I know that the source of love is Our Creator. I whisper a silent prayer: “God, revive my heart with your love”.

I gaze at the ocean and I whisper my last notes to it… The ocean is a place to discover yourself, to see a manifestation of God’s magnificence, where I lie silently in thoughtful prayer, where my thirsty soul is finally satiated.

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