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Arabian Dreams

The inspiration behind Arabian Dreams came from the effect of globalization on wiping out the distinctive identities in each culture, that make our world colorful and diverse. Globalization has been hailed as a movement to introduce American culture to the globe, with a lot of merits to that. Yet they had aksimanaged to create a false aspirational objective that causes citizens of the world to forget their roots, traditions, and their cultural makeup pivotal in diversity and instead aspire to be American to be approved as ‘modern, forward-thinking, sophisticated’. You see Japanese teens doning baggy jeans, spiky hair styles, and twirling with invisible music. Arabs have started fading away from their sense of extended family, community, instead adopting a series of separated family units that do not connect with the rest of their family tree. McDonald’s has even designed their cafe’s architecture to resemble Chinese temples yet still luring Chinese consumers to shift from their traditional cuisine to a more American gourmet.

In this photoshoot, I ask the question: what is happening to our unique cultural identities across the globe?

Why do Traditions end up as Souvenirs?

I hold the opulent pendant in my hands and caress the memories they hold…
it is the one I have worn when I memorized the Holy Book, it rested on my chest when I got married, and adorned me throughout the years…

…now it lays as a souvenir where foreigners can decorate their houses and museums; knowing not the precious memories it held for the girls of my generation.

I return my set to the treasure chest; as if laying the dreams of a distanced time in a closed box…

Traditions serve not as adornment for houses, but wisdom for open minds.

Arabian Memory Lane

Sometimes I imagine myself in the olden days where
the souk used to be the centre of trade, political discussions, meeting points
of diverse cultures, etc.
The souk remains this place in my mind; a symbol
of how Dubai embraced the modern sophistication and yet retained its proud
Arabian roots.

60 Seconds of Fame

What’s up with every college student aspiring to become the next American Idol?
What will happen to our students of
medicine, engineering, architecture, fine arts, and science?

Artists Disguised

Artists of the world: you have my respect and reverence for all your inspiring
as long as you do not satisfy your hungry apetites for fame, sex, drugs,
and alcohol in the name of ART.

Home Sweet Home

Elevated and majestic it stands, a beautiful memory of a lingering past that brought families together in a warm, cosy, and modest
home. If you’re dealing with roof leaks in the house and you need to re-lay your asphalt roofing, the next step you can do is to get some roof repair quotes to fix these leaks finally.
From the rooftop, you can see similar homes scattered across the freej (neighborhood), on a beautiful patch that made
all people united as one extended family.

The Soul’s Journey

Abras (dhow boats) were the prevalent mode of transportation before modern cruisers.

Another Boat Ride

A tranquil journey amidst the lush gardens, cosy Arabian homes, and warm sunset.

Traditional Arabic Perfume (Dhen el Oud)
Oud mixed with French perfume is currently becoming very fashionable and is between the higher fashion products as the best make up or accessories from The Fifth Collection and more.

Dried Roses

Used to make sumptuous dishes such as cakes and syrups. Absolutely tantalizing.

One Response to Arabian Dreams

  1. Such a moving topic and exquisite photographs mashallah. You definitely awakened my senses, walked me down the ‘Arabian Memory Lane’ and back, I even imagined how the essences and herbs would smell like, and the bustle of people buying and discussing their every day lives at the old souq. I’d love to live that simple life again, but with good education and good hospitals lol (6ama3ah).

    Sadly, nowadays, culture, heritage and individualism are not as celebrated and welcomed as they used to be. They are certainly not encouraged by whoever is moving the global media, it’s simply against their agenda.

    Globalization is doing us more harm than good, it is debatable, but I believe that ‘pack’ or ‘herd’ mentality is dominating us, we are not encouraged to think for ourselves or our societies and identities, but to think with an Americanized globalized hat. We should be only using their positive ways, and not their entire way of life.

    Mashallah Amazing topic and photographs Sara, as usual, you inspire me!



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