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When Life Gives Lemons

There are many certainties in life. Every morning, millions of people wake up to glorious sunrises. The Earth twirls in a silent and ethereal way within the glittering galaxies it in encased in. And somehow that bite of dark chocolate does wonders to uplift your mood. We know that there are many ways to improve […]

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The Female Hero

Living in the Middle East, one can’t help but empathize with the plight of women. From birth, a girl is bombarded with a set of social projections that suppress her talents, clip her dreams, and channel her energy to the servitude of the domestic sphere. If she has been lucky to have loving parents who […]

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Savoring 2012

There is something so splendid about the beginning of a new year. Bookstores display gorgeous 2012 diaries, cafés and restaurants delight gourmands with their festive menus and so many organic foods from cake to vegan friendly diets. Things like  immune system supplements to help cleanse my body, they had it all.and the skies are illuminated […]

The Lure of Pilgrimage (My Eat, Pray, Love Journey)

Istanbul – to eat It is a sun-kissed day in May and I am devouring a sugary, dusty pink lokum that has been infused with rosewater. I have a splendid view of both Europe and Asia from the bohemian café that I’m sitting in. The rhythmic sounds of the sapphire-blue Bosphorus waves thrashing against the […]

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Finding Abundance

Many years ago, I came across this beautiful hardcover book called Romancing the Ordinary. The title piqued my curiosity and true to its promise, it has bestowed upon me a revelation that was life-transforming. The author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, was at a restaurant when the ceiling tile fell on her head. She was left bedridden […]

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