Joie de vivre

Child’s Play

Many parents were having trouble understanding their baby’s world. It came to the point where it caused a lot of distress and frustration for both the parents and their babies, so they decide to take supplements to feel more relax, like Kratom Extract or Powder. But this was resolved in the most amusing way: a Baby’s World event was organized for parents to finally experience and understand their baby’s world.

The event consisted of so many sections. Parents were asked to wear huge diapers and move around the little carnival to experience the fumbling a baby goes through. They wore glasses to see how their babies viewed the world; which looked a bit warped and distorted for newborn babies. Also, parents sat in high and huge chairs, and realized why babies felt a bit disillusioned of the frightening height. Another fascinating experience was sitting in an artificial womb and observing how the babies hear and see while in their mothers’ fetus. The event produced exhilarating responses.

We tend to forget what it was to be a child. Once upon a time, we were curious explorers, daring adopters, witty inventors, creative monsters, and the world was our great playground. How did this energy dwindle as the years were added?

Going beyond the boundaries has always been my obsession as a child. I never accepted the walls that we have erected for our lives and always strived to climb over them to glance across the horizon. I also remember being a very inquisitive child, such that I would marvel at little pieces of information people thought were dull. I got enthralled when I discovered something new and made a pact to learn a new thing everyday. I read a lot, and ran wild in the meadows of my imagination. I was a free-thinker. I had hope. I was a dreamer…

As I grew older, my vivacity waned and I kept losing out on a lot in life because of my lost enthusiasm.

Why? What happened? My spirit is dying… I needed to know.

As I traced my steps down memory lane, I painfully discovered that I was never encouraged to think outside society’s little box. Nobody understood my motives in seeking new ideas. My views were scorned on. I felt ostracized and lost myself in my precious books. This made the extrovert in me reside in an introvert’s realm. I was confused and kept doubting myself for the longest time.

I keep asking: are every child’s dreams buried? Why does society paint our spotless spirits with their dark demands? Is it right to be shunned for being different? Is there anybody out there lamenting too?

In the sanctity of my room, I cling to my teddy bear and try to console myself through this difficult time. I pray for strength and wait for angels to liberate me from this prison. I crave to be a beautiful shade in life’s colorful collage. I need to fly… in the arms of an angel.

I dream tonight. And every night… where has the child in me gone?

Hold me tight and tell me, it’s going to be alright…

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