Joie de vivre

Divine Promises

Far away
Long ago
I had a beautiful dream…
My soul was passing by,
And lay by You in a silent repose
You whispered into my ears…
“Soon you will be by My side”.

I used to wonder what it was like… to love?
To soar above the sky, not seeing the ground
To be held closely, in the arms of an angel
To hear hushed whispers in a bustling crowd
To love, endlessly…

I was afraid to to love You
So I looked for love, in all the wrong places…
And I fell in despair, in delirium,
Until my dreams withered…
That’s when I realized that,
To You I belonged all along.

You read my thoughts
You listened to my weeping
You felt for me
You were always there
When the rest of the world danced away in their own carnival…

You whispered reassuring promises while I was distressed,
“God promises you His forgiveness and His generous Love”.
“Truly, the help of God is always near”.
“He will forgive you your sins and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flow”.
“Have you taken a promise from God, for He never breaks His promise”.

God, have mercy on my soul,
Who went mad in searching for love,
For You,
Who finally knew that love is true…
That where there is a gift,
There is truly a Giver.

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