Joie de vivre

Ecstasy of Pain

Your frustrations
The need
The consuming madness
The delirium of your whole existence being turned topsy-turvy with one spark of seductive passionate madness;
One moment of love, exposed, could change your life…

Do you think of me? Do you still care?
Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one living in delirium,
Which solely exists in my head.
One beautiful mind, should it be fair to fill it with passionate ecstasy that never stops and continues to light long after the materialistic world last experienced it?

I am letting myself go mad,
I want to let myself go mad,
I have allowed it all.
But deep inside this labyrinth of loving rage is one candle of hope…
A promise already made… a very long time back…
That the madness of controlled patience
Is far more delicious than the ecstasy of sinful love.

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