Joie de vivre

Heaven in Play

Void; then bang, it hit me.
Silence… sullen faces, soft crying.
I felt their pain even though I may have died
Goodbye, good luck
For I am leaving to another world
In the arms of an angel
Hugging me tight with his wings
It was the first time anyone held me so close.

Void, then flashes of light hit me.
I was at rest, peacefulness bathed me.
And rid me of all the bottled pain
That I had kept within my tormented soul.
The golden gates opened,
At last it felt like home…
This was the real carnival, one that would never cease for eternity.
Romantic courtyards, flushing waterfronts, lush greenery, decadent foods, rapturous colors, sensuous clothes and…
the sadness that was painted on my face has disappeared.

Everybody was frollicking around, dancing, singing, making love…
I was looking… searching…
I yearned for you.
Went mad in that world… for you.
Suffered. Waited. Died in silence.
Why, they asked? She was so peaceful.
Little did they know that silence can scream
And it screamed without cessation…

Love, where are you?
Love, who are you?
Slowly again into delirium I went
In a carnival I got lost in trying to find you.
Love, are you here?

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