Joie de vivre

Inner Light

Have you ever felt someone’s sweet afterglow just by spending a few moments with them? Do you believe in an Inner Light? I do.

I glance back at the encounters with people who have profusely inspired me. They may not have had Cosmo’s full marks in terms of glitz and glamour, and simply put: they were your very average Joe. Yet, after excavating their authentic selves, I was enthralled by encountering such beautiful and sincere souls beneath that deluding exterior. I fall head over heels in love with their brilliant minds, secret desires, admirable characters, and their zany zest for life.

I am starting to view people as more than a colorful package; and I am delving deep into their hearts, minds, and souls to discover more about their jeweled essence. The time between your first glimpse and a timeless affinity is a mystical space wherein your souls share a beautiful exchange. Let your souls converse about your secret passions, favorite books, current affairs, inspiring artworks, funny moments, and be surprised how connected you will be after this soulful rendez-vous.

I love the joke about light traveling faster than sound, and that some people appear brilliant until you hear them speak. Here, this fact is ironically twisted when you first fall in love with their inner light and when listening to nothing but beautiful music from their lips only affirms that warm glow you’ve been caressed by just a moment ago. There is no need for fame, fortune, fanciness or frills, my dear. The souls are on fire!

Next time you meet a few strangers, give them a chance and travel through the depths of their souls until you see a sparkle of their inner light. And trust me, there’s more to that than what meets the eye.

On this note, here’s a couplet I composed:

If you do not know my inner beauty,
Tell me, what is there to love?

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