Joie de vivre

Let Me Leave

I came to this world to be with you
But you were gone before the song was even over.
What is a rose without its perfume?
What is the sun without you to shine upon?
What is life without your love?
And I am nothing without you.
Let me leave this cruel world for my stay here is unnecessary.
Come, oh, come sweet death.
Wrap me in your arms,
But be gentle, be kind,
For my heart is fragile.
One slip and it will be shattered to a million pieces.
My heart is crying.
Tears fall down like the winter rain.
Are tears flowing in my body instead of blood?
Are tears flowing in my body instead of blood?
Dry my tears, dry my tears…
And after you dry them,
Wash my worn body from all the pain and hurt
And cover me with white sheets.
Scatter roses on my bed and on the floors.
Light up incense and a candle by my bed.
Close the lights and let only the candlelight shine the room.
Come, oh, come beloved death.
Take me with you.
High up to the skies
Where I can be alone, all alone
Where no one can hurt me anymore.
I am so tired and exhausted.
Life has drained all my energy and radiance
And threw me in the darkness like a child on the streets.
Let me sleep in an ivory casket.
Dig a deep hole in the earth
And bury me there like a box of dried rose petals sprinkled with incense.
Come, oh, come dear death.
Hug me,
Let me leave this world.
Hug me,
For my life without him is not worth anything.
Hug me,
My heart is aching and my breath is getting shorter.
And when I am gone,
Let the whole world know
That I lived for love
And died from a broken heart.

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