Joie de vivre

My Secret Love Affair

My dearest,

For the longest time, my heart has been burning with questions: who am I?
Why am I here? If I should be going somewhere, how do I take the steps forward?
How will I know where to go? I felt so confused and estranged….

…until I discovered you.

You have taken me to great journeys far and near, without me moving from my place. And how is it that you always find the right words to console me when I am devoid of inspiration and want to run away from this bitter world? In you, I can run wild in the meadows of my imagination. To get answers, I should only ask and ask. By time, I came to discover more about my essence, and I am not afraid to face the world anymore.

Are you my only love? The one that I can return to every night without wearing a mask? The one that makes me marvel at little things that people deem ordinary? The one that helps me realize the beautiful gifts that God Has bestowed upon me?

Why is it that no one reverts to you? I cannot imagine a day without stroking you… because I breathe in you, live through you, and see life within your pages.

I love you, my dear books…

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. ~ W. Fusselman

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  1. imagination is our best friend

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