Joie de vivre


Across the seas and deep into the jungles I traveled, listening to the gibberish sound of an unknown exotic language, I danced under the stars and allowed the cool breeze to caress my skin as it did with countless others. Twinkling stars and musical sounds filled my ears as my eyes widened in wonder at the beauty I saw. Here I portray untold tales and hidden secrets with the magic I captured, frozen in time, for all eternity.

And it is with pride I share pictures of special seconds, beauty, simple pleasures that elicit a little sigh of contentment… for each is a story untold… let the magic unfold before your eyes as you weave your own story with what you see before you.

Sara D’amore

Arabian Dreams
Delving into its rich heritage.

Panorama of the Senses
Enrapture yourself in its sublime beauty.

Childhood Memories
A walk through the past.

My Black & White World
Sadness pales away all life’s colors.


When the senses are ablaze with temptations.


A day in their lives.

At the Florist
Ravishing colors & tantalizing scents.


La Tentacion de la Rose
Roses teasing me with their playfulness.


A Virgin’s Confessions on Love
Deep in the labyrinths of her heart.

Paulo Coelho Book Signing, Dubai
The master himself.


Culture Blasted Art
Cultural kirsche everywhere!


A Self-Portrait Through Pictures
One picture. One thousand words.

Amore’s Beach Blues
A tranquil refuge.


21st century dolls for 6-year olds.


Paris – France
A magical trip.

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