Joie de vivre

Spice Girl

I’m always on the lookout for adventures. Admit it; though we are creatures of habit, we still fantasize about exotic escapades with someone much more daring than us who promises to appease our philandering wanderlusts. An adventure could be anything ranging from trying out a new activity, to meeting new people, to overcoming fears, to climbing the highest mountain. Adventures take us out of our little boxes and make us realize: hell, we’ve been missing out on a lot of things in life, don’t ya think so?

We yearn to deluge our desires out in the open; to experience life with an explosion of our five senses; to live the moment.

A dream? Certainly. But what’s wrong with turning it into reality? Think about it…

Why do we have this delusion that only characters in sassy novels can embark on frantic, sensuous, and foreign adventures? Why don’t we confess that we are dying for something exciting in our mundane lives? Once you’ve come clean with yourself; take that daring step and hop onto your dream wagon and feel sorry for the sad people who are fearful of being rebuked by society for living la dolce vita.

Wash your spouse’s car
Discover scuba diving
Plant your own garden
Liberate yourself through figure skating
Go hiking in the Himalayas

Start a reading group
Observe a florist as he ravishingly arranges your bouquet
Speak sensual Italian
Research a topic you’ve always been curious about
Prepare a meal for two

Listen to two children chattering away
Be honest for a day
Pose for a street artist
Study abroad for a semester
Show your support to someone who dares to dream

Volunteer for a social cause
Dream during the day
Confess your love to someone
Meet up with your professors
Say a prayer

Ponder about the miracle of your five senses
Have a good cry
Snap some funny photos of your friends
Call the editor and tell her you’re interested in freelancing for her magazine
Hang your ten favorite quotes up the wall

Lastly, fall in love with yourself and with life… Be a spice girl! And dream a little.

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