Joie de vivre


The masquerade starts with a rhapsody of all five senses
Fused to experience sinful ecstasy.

All of the guests were masked,
Yet through their masks,
One could sense their yearning… for amore.

Amore? I wonder how it felt, how it tasted…
I contemplate on my life and wonder
When love will walk past my path
The world is immersed in a rhapsody of all its five senses fused together
Without restraint,
A pleasure that lasts in both the physical and memorable realms.

I try to keep the carnevale inside me
Instead of around me
To control, to repress,
To a state of calmness that shuns the
Reckless passion that I’m addictive of.

Then you stride along

And our eyes gaze…
For what seemed like a frozen moment in time.
They say that if the eyes do not gaze,
The heart does not sigh.
How can one suppress his bottled emotions?

How can one have so much love, to give…
Yet can’t be able to give it away?

You caress my eyes,
And slowly take me to the dance floor
A sweet Venetian love song strums along
And we become the embodiment of love

In one fiery dance.
Amore, teach me how to love…

Come due ragazzi innamorati…

As the song comes to an end,
Amore asks…
“Would you unmask for me?”

Just then, a sad sonnet begins…
And my heart joins with the melody…
I realized that passions are only a reverie
Vanishing, forever, moments after the union.
My heart breaks…

At that moment, I felt that

I was living, only to die,
Without feeling you with my senses,
Once more, one last time.

“I’m sorry,
I cannot unmask…”
And there he goes, amore…

Vanishing into oblivion forever,
Leaving me with one last note:
If only my eyes did not gaze,
My heart would not sigh…

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