Joie de vivre


It defines you, explains you, molds you into lines that grab at one, making them read the simple and magical words placed anywhere that translate…. Me. Writing has always been a part of me, as important to me as the oxygen I breathe, as the nectar to the bee, as a little child’s laugh as she holds her face up to be kissed by the soft rays of the sun. It’s become as important to me as the commotion caused by my family at the dinner table and sneaked its way to sit forever in my heart… it was now a part of me. It was me… it will always be me…

They think shy people don’t say much, but oh they were so very wrong… they have much to say, the only problem is that no one wants to listen. Feeling the smoothness of the pen held lovingly between my fingers made me feel secure, I could stop time and get lost and I stared off into space, trying to piece together my words as I stroked its surface. Then a little smile played over my lips as I spilled out my heart, soul, and everything that was me… be it on a piece of paper, a computer that I also use for gaming with the best fps gaming mouse for games as CSGO, I play by using a csgo boost online, a tissue paper in a café, lipstick on a mirror… anything I could find that would relieve me of this urge to share myself with the surface I expressed myself upon.

Sara D’amore

The Passion of the Florist
A Parisian professor turns to his true passion.

Society’s Puppet
When society controls you as a puppet.

Child’s Play
Where has the child in me gone?

Heaven in Play
Searching for l’amore in Heaven.


Love’s Winter
The world is a continuous winter. So do not be fooled by the carnival


Would you unmask for him?

The Lover’s Prison
The world is a prison for those who are in love.


Ecstasy of Pain
Can you bear the madness of love?


Only You
I need you to survive…

Let Me Leave
Can’t live without l’amore.


Quantum Leap
Rapturous loving in Buenos Aires, Marrakesh, Venice, etc.


Come to Me
Why did you leave so soon?

Divine Promises
Love gave me wings.


Your Serenade
When You serenade my soul through the night…


Inner Light
Walk into the soul’s secret passageways and find its inner light.

My Secret Love Affair
A daily refuge into its magical depths.


Spice Girl
How you can be a mistress of spices!


Before I Die
A final request…


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  1. Your blog is GREAT!!! I follow you… is art, fashion, culture… i love your wonderful vision!


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